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​We are located in the East Building of the beautiful and historic

DeKoven Center facing Lake Michigan,

on South Wisconsin Avenue 

DeKoven website : DeKoven Center
Mailing address is : 610 21st st Racine WI 53403  (262) 634-4345

Easiest GPS address location: 

2050 Wisconsin ave, Racine WI 53403 

Email:  DeniZingg@hotmail.com
We have much to offer whether you are interested in taking classes to further your artistic skill, becoming a Gallery member or just peruse the gallery.    
Come see us :  Gallery hours are Sat. and Sun. 12 - 5 pm.

 Hours: Noon  to 5:00 PM 
Artwork is available for purchase.


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​​​Spectrum School of the Arts and Community Gallery

A Non-Profit Organization                                       Serving Our Community for 39 years.

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