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2050 Wisconsin ave, Racine WI 53403

Our location is spectacular! We are located in the east building of the historic DeKoven Center across from Lake Michigan and enjoy the use of the beautiful grounds in our art classes.

Faces of My History

This is a collection of introspective portraits of people who in my lifetime were news makers who had, in one fashion or another, had a significant affect on my life. Some are people who because of their defining qualities, inspired me or became a person that I admired. Some I do not admire but they nevertheless affected my life. My Faces include more presidents, generals and dictators and fewer athletes and entertainers, probably because my formative years included the Great Depression and World War II. I have no doubt that these people changed how I view the world. Your Faces of History will most likely be very different from mine.

These portraits did not originate from my original photography but rather are original multi-layered compositions of readily available on-line photographs that I created on my computer. These compositions started as digital images and were then inverted and printed as negative transparencies. The final contact prints are silver gelatin on fiber paper produced using the wet chemical process in the Spectrum darkroom.ype your paragraph here.

Tom Simonson

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