Spectrum Gallery is dedicated to helping Artists.

In the tradition of Mary Cassatt, Robert Henri, and other progressive thinking artists, Spectrum Gallery does not rely on juries or contests to show the public “good art” but respects and empowers artists to choose their own artwork for exhibition.

All fine artists are welcome to join Spectrum Gallery at any time of the year and enjoy:

Great support and help from artists.
Free use of the Matting and Framing Studio.
Free use of Spectrum’s Arts Library.
Creating an exhibit and special event schedule.
Having a one/two/etc. person show.
Low yearly fee and reduced rates for full time high school and college students and artists 65 and older.
All sales going directly to the artist with a suggested tax-exempt donation of 30% back to the Gallery.
30% off of all classes, workshops and studio fees at Spectrum School.
Bringing guests through the Gallery at unscheduled times.

Spectrum Gallery fees are $400.00 per year: March to March. (students and seniors: $300.00) -but also pro-rated so that you can join anytime with $33.00/$25.00 per month for the duration of the Gallery year.

Community Programs:

Wear a Heart- Get Some Art!
Working with Empty Bowls Program
Main Gallery Program
pARTY on the Pavement

Other Opportunities:

Two Open Invitational Shows yearly
Community Gallery: $25 per month
Space available for 1 or 2 person or group shows

 S p e c t r u m   S c h o o l

Founded in 1980 by Denise Zingg, Spectrum’s educational philosophy provides effective individualized instruction to students of all ages by understanding each person’s learning style, abilities and goals facilitated by small classes (between 4 and 10 students per class)

There is an emphasis on fundamentals as a basis for each student’s further development of their unique, artistic expression. Many students continue to take classes year after year, trying new ideas and techniques and discover more facets of their creativity! Our students learn for life!


Photography (darkroom and digital)
Ceramics (traditional and raku)
Drawing (all media)
Painting (watercolor, oil, acrylic)
Matting and Framing
Variety of Children’s Classes
Custom workshops/classes for adults and/or children available.
Private and ensemble music lessons (cello, violin, guitar, piano)

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