A Non-Profit Organization

Serving our Community for over 43 Years

Our Director, Denise Zingg, is the 2021 Recipient of the Emily Hill Award for Arts Advocacy

Spectrum Gallery is dedicated to helping Artists

In the tradition of Mary Cassatt, Robert Henri, and other progressive thinking artists, Spectrum Gallery does not rely on juries or contests to show the public “good art” but respects and empowers artists to choose their own artwork for exhibition.

​Founded in 1980 by Denise Zingg, Spectrum’s educational philosophy provides effective individualized instruction to students of all ages by understanding each person’s learning style, abilities and goals facilitated by small classes (between 4 and 10 students per class)

There is an emphasis on fundamentals as a basis for each student’s further development of their unique, artistic expression. Many students continue to take classes year after year, trying new ideas and techniques and discover more facets of their creativity! Our students learn for life!

Rita Lewis (Right), former administrator for Racine Montessori School, introduced Denise Zingg (Left) for the Emily Hill Award for Arts Advocacy. The flowers were given to Denise by her Adult Drawing and Painting students.

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