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The exhibition of “The Black and White (and shades of gray) Invitational Show” with a public Opening on Saturday, May 6, from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM. A wide variety of media is represented including pen and ink, pencil, conte, pastel, watercolor, traditional darkroom photography, digital photography, wood, and mixed media from the following artists: Eileen Black, Paul Brnak, Fred Dacquisto, P.M. Fallon, Ann Henkes, Katrina Hjelmgren, James A. Kipfer, Mary Lambrecht, Michael LaPointe, Anne Moore Lasch, Jeff Logic, Mary Ann Logic, Craig Matheus, Gloria Randall-Hewitt, Lewis Schultz, Tom Simonson, Sonja Sinclair, Karel Suchy, Jo Thul, Michael Scott Vance, Jeff Wozniak and Denise Zingg  

Many of these works are also for sale. The Show runs through May 28.

One Person Show: Craig Matheus

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